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An Executive Sit/Stand Desk
A new vision for your workspace

Designed for those who appreciate both style and function. The Onyx Desk embodies excellence in every detail. With its height-adjustable work surface, you can elevate your work experience with seamless, whisper-quiet precision. Feel the smooth transition at your fingertips, perfectly stable at any height.

Executive Sit Stand Desk
2D line drawing of Onyx Table


The desk is crafted with a focus on luxury and durability. Solid wood edges are contoured to provide tactile luxury, and are built to last, even in busy office environments. The freestanding base combines stability with a sleek modern look. It’s designed to be a standout addition to any room. Customization is key.

With bespoke finishes and sizing options, the Onyx Executive Sit/Stand Desk is not just furniture. It’s a part of your space, tailored to fit seamlessly into any environment you envision. The Onyx Desk isn’t just about doing more—it’s about being more. Be it in a high-powered corporate setting or a dynamic home office, the Onyx Desk is the centerpiece that stands out, yet fits in perfectly. Welcome to a new era of workspace luxury.


W Min 82 in (208 cm) to Maximum determined by room size
D Min 36 in (92 cm) to Maximum determined by room size
H 29in to 46 in (74 cm to 117 cm)


Any wood finish
Custom matching available


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