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Corian Boardroom Table

This Corian boardroom table is crafted from premium Corian and natural Maple, providing a visually striking and durable piece.

Technical blueprint of a Corian Boardroom table design, viewed from above.


The table features an integrated central trough that discreetly houses all necessary electronics and speakers, ensuring that the meeting space remains clutter-free and technologically equipped without compromising on design. The technology trough is covered with a matched Maple veneer that extends seamlessly across the length of the table. It allows for a  clean and cohesive look, while allowing full access to the technology suite. Structurally, the table is supported by a central metal spine, allowing it to effortlessly span the distance between two fixed columns. Allowing more clutter free leg space.


L 24′-6″ (747 cm)
W 4′-6″ (137 cm)
H 30″


Glacier White Corian, Natural Maple, Stainless Steel