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Corian Coffee Bar

This 18’ long Corian coffee bar merges functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Fabricated in glacier white Corian and navy blue Krion this coffee bar stands out with its sophisticated color scheme and sleek surface, enhancing its contemporary look. The coffee bar’s narrow design is supported by structural anchors under the subfloor. This method of installation provides the necessary stability to the structure, preventing any wobbling or tipping despite its elongated shape and narrow footprint.

2D Drawing of a corian coffee bar. The plan and front elevation are shown


One of the standout features of this coffee bar is the inclusion of solid brass footrests that run along its length. These footrests offer a comfortable seating experience for users while adding a touch of classic charm to the overall modern design. The brass material not only complements the blue and white theme but also provides a sturdy, tarnish-resistant element that enhances the bar’s upscale look.

In addition, the coffee bar includes four integrated power pop-ups, which are housed on small, milled raised islands on the countertop. This feature ensures that any spills on the bar do not make their way into the interior storage space of the bar base.  Each power pop-up is finished with a custom top cap, which not only protects the mechanism but also adds a bespoke element to the bar’s design. Accent lighting runs the entire length of the coffee bar. This illuminates the bar itself, making it a focal point in the room and also provides a touch of subtle lighting.

The Corian coffee bar is a blend of modern design, innovative features, and classic materials.


L 18′-0″ (549 cm)
W 36″ (91 cm)
H 42″ (107 cm)


Glacier White Corian, Navy Blue Krion


Modern kitchen interior featuring a marble backsplash, blue cabinets, white Corian countertop with a minimalistic white appliance, and orange chairs at the coffee bar.