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Corian Reception Desk

The reception desk’s fluid form is achieved through organically shaped thermoformed Corian.  The surface gracefully curves around three sides, providing a striking yet welcoming focal point to the building lobby area.  Its sweeping lines and elegant contours flow down to the floor at three specific points, providing structural support and a unique, contemporary aesthetic.

The outer surface is not only an aesthetic choice, but the shape of the Corian is what provides the structural stability of the desk. In addition, the shape not only supports the cantilever corners, but all the equipment and functional elements on the user side of the desk.  This approach ensures that the design remains clean and minimalist, highlighting the purity and smoothness of the material itself.

A white desk with shelves.
Technical blueprint of a curved reception desk, shown in two orientations with detailed grid lines and measurements.


The reception desk houses the building fire alarm panel in addition to security features for the building. These elements are embedded within the curved surface.  Storage cabinets, as well as an extensive cable management system are seamlessly integrated to maintain the desk’s flawless silhouette, while maintaining functionality.

This Corian reception desk, merges innovative design with practical functionality, creating an inviting space that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and clients alike.


[L] 233in [590cm]

[W] 107in [271cm]

[H] 44in [112cm]


Thermoformed Corian


A white curved desk with shelves.