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Marble Boardroom Table

This striking boardroom table features Calacatta Vagli, a distinctive marble known for veins of taupe and grey-blue weaving across a cream white field. The table was constructed in four segments to fit into the elevator.  The table base also came in multiple pieces and was secured to the floor of the building for stability. The grain matched waterfall edges feature all the combinations of power, audio visual,  and security features for each seating position. This edge integration creates a clutter-free environment contributing to the table’s overall clean and sophisticated design.

The use of matched marble not only ensures a seamless and elegant appearance but also highlights the natural beauty and unique veining of the stone, creating a unique centerpiece.

2D Drawing of stone boardroom table with isometric


[L] 336in [853cm]

[W] 72in [183cm]

[H] 30in [76cm]


Calacatta Vagli

Blackened Steel