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Mobile Meeting Table

This mobile meeting table uses a two-toned mix of white and black Corian.  Paired with powder coated metal legs to create a functional center piece for the room. The hidden minimal castors allow the table to be moved smoothly and easily across different floor types, enabling quick repositioning to suit various needs. Once the table is in place, it can be stabilized using levelers located at the ends of the legs. These levelers ensure the table remains fixed and stable during use, preventing any movement that could disrupt a meeting.

Technical drawing of a mobile table. Plan and elevation shown


The mobile meeting table features four power supply units which are concealed under the tabletop within milled solid surface pockets that merge discreetly with the overall design. This integration ensures that the tabletop remains sleek and uncluttered, while still providing easy access to power for electronic devices.

The use of black Corian extends out slightly beyond the table top, providing a durable material that can handle the inevitable dings when moving furniture around, and protect the top surface where damage is more easily visible.


L 10′-6″ (320 cm)
W 3′-0″ (91 cm)
H 30″ (76 cm)


Black and white Corian, powder coated metal