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Polished Corian Boardroom Table

This polished Corian boardroom table features an innovative approach to  elegance and practicality. High polished Corian is used to create the elegant oval shape.  The shape is divided into sixteen modules. To meet project requirements the boardroom table needs to be disassembled and reassembled to allow the room to be used in multiple configurations.  The table can also be itself reconfigured into partial oval segments with the use of magnetically aligned steel end cover plates.

Due to the table’s multipurpose function all the AV and electrical modules are housed below the top surface ensuring a clean, clutter-free design above. The absence of visible electrical components makes the table ideal for dining settings during special occasions or other formal events.  To make it easier to  find the AV and power modules, embedded LED lights provide a visual guide for the users, without disrupting the seamless design of the table.

Polished Corian Boardroom Table shown with Chairs
Technical blueprint of an oval Polished Corian boardroom table with detailed measurements and design specifications.


Since the boardroom table is required to be highly mobile, each segment rests on base legs with ultra low profile castors.  These discreet castors enable smooth movement while serving a crucial role in leveling. Since the table will not always be in the same position, and due to the original floor condition each castor pair also functions as a leveler.  Each segment can be independently adjusted according to floor conditions to ensure a uniformly level work surface when assembled. This feature significantly improves the table’s stability and usability, allowing for optimal performance in any placement.

This polished Corian boardroom table exemplifies contemporary design, blending high-end materials with functional adaptability. Whether fully assembled for collaborative meetings or split into separate segments to accommodate different room configurations, the table serves as a versatile and elegant centerpiece that enriches the overall space.


[L] 402in [1021cm]

[W] 186in [472cm]

[H] 30in [76cm]


High Polished Thermoformed Corian


Corian edge detail. Lighted indicator for power module