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Solid Wood Conference Table

Solid Wood Conference Table

This solid wood conference table provides both sophistication and functionality. It features a striking, softened profile and ergonomic design prioritizing comfort and style. The table is both visually appealing and user-friendly. It is constructed of solid white oak and finished in a durable chalk white hue. The table offers durability for a commercial setting and a luxurious aesthetic. The understated elegance of the table combines modern lines with traditional materials. The sculpted softened edges serve two purposes. One is to enhance the inviting appearance. While the other is to insure that wrists and arms can rest comfortably along its perimeter.

The solid wood conference table features an ultra long span. A minimalist metal structure supports the long span. It provides uncompromising stability and damped vibrations with minimal visual intrusion. This unobstructed span makes the table versatile for a variety of seating options.

Angled photo of a wood table
2D drawing in black and white


The solid wood legs  feature softly curved tops. They align with the adjacent edges of the table, creating a cohesive and softer visual impact. The legs feature blackened steel inlays, elegantly concealing the fastening system. The material palette of solid white oak and blackened steel is harmoniously integrated. It compliments the table’s minimalist aesthetic while offering strength and durability.

This solid wood conference table embodies thoughtful design principles. It blends traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering. The softened table edge profile provides ergonomic practically. The table elevates any space that it is. It sits comfortably in any commercial or residential setting. The table is a practical and beautiful choice for commercial and residential projects.


[L] 214in [544cm]

[W] 40in [102cm]

[H] 29.5in [75cm]


Solid White Oak finished with a chalk finish


Conference Table - Detail View