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Material Highlight: Solid Surface

Solid surface is a manufactured material that was initially developed by DuPont and sold under the name Corian. It is made of acrylic or polyester resin mixed with other proprietary components and is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Now manufactured by numerous companies, solid surface is sold under various names, including Corian by DuPont, Krion by Porcelanosa, and HI-MACS by LG.

While solid surface is most commonly known for being used to make kitchen countertops, it can also be used for furniture, millwork, and as a cladding material for interior and exterior walls. Solid surface is a hard-wearing, easy-to-repair material that is simple to clean.

Solid surface sheets can be cut, routed, sanded, and thermoformed. We have used it to create double-curved reception desks and boardroom tables.

We have used solid surface on numerous projects, and it continues to impress with its versatility and durability. Whether for residential or commercial applications, solid surface materials offer a combination of beauty and functionality that is hard to match. Its ease of maintenance and ability to be seamlessly repaired make it a preferred choice for many design and construction needs.